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Autism Speaks to Local Chefs

The biennial Autism Speaks Chef Gala in Cleveland, set for 6:30pm-11pm Saturday, July 28, at the Cleveland Museum of Art, is one of the hottest tickets in town, not only for attendees but for the chef participants. The roster of more than (Read more)

A Taste for Contemporary Art

John Riepenhoff is a painter, sculptor, and conceptual artist who also describes himself as a “food ideator,” which means he occasionally lends his artistic talents to make tasty things. The Milwaukee-based artist spent several weeks embedded in Cleveland developing his art (Read more)

That Time We Ate Bugs for Dinner

It doesn’t take much for our Edible Cleveland team to find a reason to get together, especially when food and, admittedly, cocktails are involved. Had you been a fly on the wall at our recent dinner party you would have seen (Read more)

Meet Chef-Author Edward Lee

What is American food? Who are the people responsible for our different cuisines? Why is the notion of “authenticity” bandied about in our food culture, as if to suggest one’s version of a recipe is superior or more real than another’s? (Read more)

An Ode to Blossom Music Center

For the last 50 years, throngs of concert-goers have streamed through the gates of Blossom Music Center in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to witness some of the most iconic musicians play live. Arguably among the most notable of events was when (Read more)

Cookies for Kids Helps Feed Community

One Friday morning many years ago, I was waiting for a meeting to begin at the offices of Northeast Shores Development Corporation, the organization representing North Collinwood, and overheard the staff discussing area school children picking up backpacks at that location. (Read more)


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