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Little Italy’s Nora Lightens Up for Summer

My appreciation of Nora begins upon approach, ending a leisurely walk through a neighborhood that feels unchanged by time. Crossing the red bricks of Murray Hill Road to the restaurant’s corner front door, my husband and I put on our masks before (Read more)

Meet the makers of Chill Pop, a CLE-based gourmet popsicle company

Black pepper plum and lemon ricotta may not be typical popsicle flavors, but for Chill Pop Shop, a Cleveland-based company specializing in unconventional frozen fare, they’re par for the course.   Founded in 2013 by Elizabeth and Maggie Pryor, Chill Pop (Read more)

‘Tis the season for mulberries in Northeast Ohio

For many of us, the phrase “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel…” is a familiar refrain from childhood. But did you know that many of those proverbial mulberry bushes are growing right here in Northeast Ohio? I first encountered (Read more)

For these Trumbull County farmers, the road to Kinsman is paved with Good Intentions

Walking into the Kinsman Town Hall in 2018, Amy and Floyd Davis were overwhelmed. They passed through the makeshift doors, crossed the dirt floor, stood in the center of the 1870s building, and saw nothing but disrepair. The light streamed in (Read more)

Potpourri for the palate: How Thrive Box is bridging the gap between farm and table

Could a surplus of Easter hams spark a new business idea? For local chef Rasul Welch, the answer was an emphatic “yes.” Since founding Ronin Chef in 2015, Welch’s mission has been to build community and help further our food ecosystem (Read more)


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