A Sweet Event at LBM

Ange Lupica’s Hog’s Tart

Ladies night is a common gimmick in many a pub promoter’s bag of tricks, but the femme-themed takeover at LBM on June 19 was anything but your basic bar promotion. Rather, the fete was packed wall to wall, and punctuated with patrons known for their contributions to Cleveland’s culinary scene. James Beard Award nominee Jill Vedaa of Salt+ held court front and center.
With Saucisson’s Penny Barend and Melissa Khoury (wo)manning the grill, the aroma of charred steak tickled the taste buds of every carnivore on the top floor. As Melissa flipped the steaming piece of meat on the grill top, the mistress of whole animal butchery revealed a plump cut of beef heart. “In terms of organ meat, it’s very muscle-like in its taste and texture,” she said. The sell-out entree was among a half-dozen savory dishes the Lady Butchers offered at the pop-up.
In the depths of the venue, a trio of sinful desserts was concocted. In a nod to Judas Priest, Annabella Andricks of the The Black Pig created Ice Creaming for Vengeancea coal-hued coconut porter ice cream nestled between two sugar cookies, and surrounded by fresh raspberries, candied almonds, and coconut whipped cream. Sweet Teeth Confections’ Ange Lupica slayed with a frangipane-style Hog’s Tart made with lard procured from Saucisson that she smoked before folding it into the pastry dough. In Black Metal Forest, Ange channeled pine, fire, and soil with chocolate and cherries fired over an open grill.

Black cherries are destined for Ange Lupica’s Black Metal Forest

“I have a passion for pastry,” Ange mused. “Desserts can play such an important role in the overall guest experience.” Friends outside of the kitchen, the two pastry chefs teamed up most recently for the last installment of Revival Social Dinner and look forward to more opportunities to collaborate again soon.
Ten beverage pairings conceptualized by house bartenders Merandia Adkins and Simone Perry reflected combinations that flexed the prowess and painstaking detail of the bartending team. My favorite: Anything for Selenas that mingled two tequila flavors. Reposado is shaken with poblano, lime, and grilled pineapple, then served over ice in a black lava salt-rimmed glass with a spritz of mezcal.
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—Story by Tricia Chaves, Photos Courtesy of Ange Lupica and Annabella Andricks