Bikes, Toast, Books, and Coffee Coffee Coffee

Trey Kirchoff was biking home from his job at a New York City pie shop—having just returned from a yoga retreat in India, where he had eloped with his wife—when he experienced an existential epiphany: he was too settled to feel completely content. He knew he needed to challenge himself. The only question was how? Despite working for years in the entertainment industry, Trey understood he hadn’t been able to truly tap into what he calls his “ADHD superpowers.” He’d always relished side gigs at coffee shops and bakeries, particularly during the rushes, when each team started communicating almost telepathically. Trey decided to craft a business that combined this spirit of synchronized comradery with his boundless energy.

In early 2018, he opened Coffee Coffee Coffee in Cleveland’s Old Brooklyn neighborhood. The ultra-Instagramable coffee shop juxtaposes the dive-y comforts of an NYC diner with the ecstatic vibrancy of more trendy, upscale establishments. Aesthetics mean everything to Trey. While there’s always a bevy of books and bikes on display, other décor elements change to reflect his whims. Once, he stationed a gargantuan cardboard shark in the shop for a Jaws-themed summer event.
According to Trey, Coffee Coffee Coffee serves a “hyperactive rotation” of coffees from around the world, as well as a tantalizing assortment of toast. Many menu items are locally sourced. Trey suggests patrons try the Hot Lava-Cado: a piece of thick-cut sourdough loaded with ingredients from several West Side Market stands, including hot pepper jam from The Home Pantry, hummus from Nate’s Deli, and sprouts from Great Lake Sprouts. The Lava-Cado pairs well with the Rocket Fuel, a super-charged amalgam of Phoenix cold-brew coffee and Meister Dairy chocolate milk, ideal for both the morning, afternoon, or even the evening, if you need to power through the darker nights of fall and winter.
What happens the next time Trey feels the familiar panic of complacency? “I guess,” he says with a laugh, “I’ll just have to open more coffee shops.”
Coffee Coffee Coffee is located at 4193 Pearl Road, Cleveland. Hours are 7am–7pm Monday–Friday, and 8am–6pm Saturday and Sunday. For more information, visit
—Story by Kevin Tasker. Photos Courtesy of Kyle Kresge and Diana Galay