Brighten Up Fall at Cleveland Candle Company

I’m never that excited for the early darkness that fall brings. One bright spot though (pun intended) is that I am suddenly in the mood for fall-scented candles. I first learned of Cleveland Candle Company while browsing at Merchant’s Mrkt, a collaborative storefront of local maker products at Legacy Village. Then I found out Cleveland Candle Company has three locations—Ohio City, Coventry, and Mentor—each with a workshop space where I could mix and pour my own candle.
Owners David Gin and Tonya McCollister invited me to visit the Ohio City location with a group of local bloggers to learn more about their Cleveland-made candles and to give it a D-I-Y go.
With candles, you get what you pay for. Cheap, imported candles can have toxins in the wax, the wick, and the scent. You have to be cautious about ingredients and how clean and safe they burn. David explained that their stores offer only domestically sourced soy wax. “We believe it’s a much cleaner product than other types of wax on the market. Plus, we source it domestically, supporting farmers.” He also said that 90% of their scents are sourced from the state of Ohio, and they’re also committed to using American-made glass.
With more than 200 unique scents to choose from, making a custom fragrance is easy—in theory. I quickly learned there is some skill to selecting scents that will combine well for a pleasing result. At the Candle Bar, I was instructed on how to create a smooth, hand-poured candle with a straight wick. I experimented with a variety of scents until landing on a combination that was just right for me—something not too headache-inducing, or cloyingly sweet.  I chose to mix cucumber, pheromone, antique lace, and vanilla to create a fresh but subtle scent for my candle.
I admit, that I am enjoying this candle more than others I own because I am confident it is safe and clean. Not to mention, I am pretty proud of my custom scent blend. I can’t take all the credit; the staff coached me on the blending and balancing of scents do I did not end up with a disaster.
The store has plenty of candles for purchase in every type of scent category imaginable. The shop is known for its “Cleveland Collection,” pre-made offerings that creatively imagine the scents of the city. There’s CLE Magic, which is outdoorsy, with hints of incense. Lake Erie has an aroma of water and wind. Even the Cleveland Snow candle has a crisp, clean smell that (almost) had me thinking warm thoughts about winter. Pumpkin spice and apple fans will enjoy Ohio Harvest. If you can’t get enough of the lakefront, give the Edgewater Park candle a try and see if it smells like a day on the beach.
You can also make bath bombs and lip balms. They offer several bases for lip balms and an array of essential oils like blood orange or peppermint that rival anything you can purchase pre-made in a store. Making the bath bombs is as easy as an elementary school science class and pretty fun, especially in a group.
Visit the Cleveland Candle Company website to see what’s on the event schedule and make plans to visit them solo or plan a group outing.
–Lisa Sands