ClusterTruck Merges Taste with Tech

Hungry Clevelanders living and working in or near downtown have a new take out option—ClusterTruck. The ClusterTruck team likens the experience to a food truck festival (a cluster of food trucks, get it?) because you can select dozens of menu items like burritos, coconut curry soba noodles or “tot-chos” and plenty of other fun, tasty things typically be served out of a window.
Other services such as UberEats or Skip The Dishes pick up food from established restaurants. ClusterTruck is entirely different, making all the food themselves in a custom kitchen. It’s a bit like a centralized “restaurant” that is not open to the public. Customers place an order online at where the information goes “into the cloud.” Almost instantly, the kitchen and a driver are notified. The culinary team keeps track of orders on screens placed throughout the kitchen, and food is fired to time with the driver’s arrival.
ClusterTruck founder and tech entrepreneur Chris Baggott believed that he could employ software and technology to create the most efficient and varied food delivery service around, with free curbside delivery that arrives in 21 minutes on average. The smaller service area ensures food tastes like it should because the food never sits under a heat lamp or spend too much time in the delivery vehicle.
The company operates with efficiency and sustainability in mind. RJ Hall, a ClusterTruck marketing representative, said that the company has made it a point to source locally and prepare food from non-GMO ingredients. In Indianapolis, where the company is based, some of the ingredients are sourced from Tyner Pond Farm, a large, sustainable non-GMO farm, and they hope to follow suit in Cleveland. “Once we establish demand we’ll look to forge partnerships with local food providers and growers that have the capacity to expand with us,” he said.
The menu is expansive and also includes breakfast items. “If there is a demand, we’ll change the menu up. We can react to trends and the seasons,” RJ added. “Like Indianapolis, Cleveland is a foodie town. We know we have to deliver awesomeness.
For now ClusterTruck has a limited ordering area of downtown and near west side. They intend to expand in the near future, which might eventually include a second kitchen to ensure fast, efficient service and optimum quality food.
ClusterTruck operates in Indianapolis and Columbus (Ohio) and will soon be delivering in Denver, Kansas City and Charlotte. Order food at Mon.-Thurs. 8 a.m. – 10 p.m., Friday/Saturday 8 a.m. – 11 p.m. and Sunday, 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday.
–Lisa Sands