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Turn Your Passion into a Profession with Food Business Courses

Do you have big dreams of turning your passion for food into a new career? You may be testing new recipes, discovering new culinary methods, or selling a product out of your home or the local farmer’s market. It’s entirely possible (Read more)

The story (and the secret magic) behind Barberton Chicken

Catherine Messner pulls a thigh from the fryer. She folds it into a paper towel and presses with a firm palm. “If there’s blood,” she says over her shoulder, “then you know it’s not done.” Messner slides a thermometer through the (Read more)

Edible Essay: What a pig named “Big Bacon” taught me about responsible hog farming

“Pet them or eat them…your choice!” read the Craigslist ad for the free pair of swine siblings I found online last December. My husband Daniel, a city-reared chef from Rio de Janeiro who spent summers with relatives in rural Brazil, warned (Read more)

Little Italy’s Nora Lightens Up for Summer

My appreciation of Nora begins upon approach, ending a leisurely walk through a neighborhood that feels unchanged by time. Crossing the red bricks of Murray Hill Road to the restaurant’s corner front door, my husband and I put on our masks before (Read more)

Meet the makers of Chill Pop, a CLE-based gourmet popsicle company

Black pepper plum and lemon ricotta may not be typical popsicle flavors, but for Chill Pop Shop, a Cleveland-based company specializing in unconventional frozen fare, they’re par for the course.   Founded in 2013 by Elizabeth and Maggie Pryor, Chill Pop (Read more)

‘Tis the season for mulberries in Northeast Ohio

For many of us, the phrase “All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel…” is a familiar refrain from childhood. But did you know that many of those proverbial mulberry bushes are growing right here in Northeast Ohio? I first encountered (Read more)

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