Pints and Pierogies with Parma Yo Pros

Lidia Trempe wears a brightly colored floral babushka. Her apron is lightly dusted with all-purpose flour. She stands on a chair with dough or tray in hand, leading attendees of a Pints and Pierogies event on May 18 at Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery with the ins and outs of mastering the pierogi. The energy and love that she puts into her baking and the bakery itself is palpable. When you’re there, you’re family (seriously, I wished were we cousins.)
The event was hosted by Young Professionals of Parma—a group that formed in 2016 and aims to strengthen the community through social activities, networking, and urban improvement, all the while showing pride for Ohio’s seventh-largest city.
Rudy’s Strudel & Bakery was a fitting venue for this particular event. The Parma institution was founded in 1948 and is co-owned by Lidia and her mother, Eugenia Polatajko.
Some of their most popular Eastern European delicacies are their pierogi. These delicious dough envelopes are filled with potato, cheese, vegetables, or meat, crimped by hand and sealed with love before beginning the journey from the boiling pot of water on the stovetop to the center of the dining table.

Goldhorn Brewery, which specializes in creating beers that are rooted in the community’s rich heritage, provided us “pie-oneers” with two of their classic-style beers for sipping while we attempted to perfect the Polish craft. I was tempted to try the Polka City Pilsner because it really fit the theme, but I ultimately chose to go with the Dead Man’s Curve IPA. I dove fork-first into a plate of the warm homemade pierogies we prepared to help soak up that 8% ABV and heavenly hoppiness.
The Young Professionals of Parma are doing a fabulous job connecting residents, building relationships, and strengthening their community. Hats off to these “yo pros” and their hometown pride.
Meanwhile, Rudy’s Strudel & and Bakery will soon be unveiling a new café, juxtaposed in front of its current shop at 5580 Ridge Road in Parma. It will cater to regulars and newcomers alike, as a neighborhood nucleus for eating, drinking, relaxing, and enjoying good company. And not to worry, friends: The bakery itself will stay untouched, because, well, we can’t and don’t ever want to imagine a world without it.
Cheers to young professionals, pints, pierogies, and Parma.

— Story and Photos By Nina Dvorak