The Delicious Versatility of the Frittata

Making food and sharing it is one of life’s most beautiful experiences, and it’s one of the main ways I show the people I love how much I care. Family gatherings always mean homemade food. My family made every dish we served at my high school graduation party, and my mom makes some of the most delectable vegan treats. On Christmas, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen for the entire day with my brother, cooking for a whole lot of people. Food also quickly became a defining aspect of my relationship with my partner. He grew up in India, and I have strong Italian roots. Cooking together initially heightened our cultural differences, but over time we realized the fundamentals are far more similar than we thought.
Needless to say, hours spent in the kitchen are never wasted. Though I enjoy spending long stretches of time prepping and cooking meals, I shy away from overly complicated recipes. Instead, I like to grocery shop in a way that allows everything in my fridge to work in harmony. I deeply value a sustainable balance between the depths of creativity and a simple process.
My favorite thing to cook isn’t one particular dish; rather, it’s what results when you blend what’s in your fridge with a desire to explore new flavors. An easy way to experiment with this idea is to make a frittata with whatever you have left at the end of a grocery haul—for me, this usually means roasted tomatoes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and various types of squash, along with kale and fresh herbs. I mostly eat a vegetarian diet, and because of this I tend to roast vegetables in large quantities and eat them throughout the week, which often leaves me with small quantities of prepared veggies as the week ends. The splendid thing about frittata is that it will gracefully accept almost any combination of ingredients. It’s quick and simple no matter the number of people you’re cooking for, as long as you have the right size pan. Take the recipe below and customize it. You may find your new favorite Sunday brunch!

Basic Frittata

—Rebecca Petrilli