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Eric Diamond
Eric Diamond is a Co-Founder and CEO of the Central Kitchen Companies. Previously Eric spent over twenty years in banking, lending and community development. Using his background Eric has been able to help over 400 local companies start and scale their food business concepts. Throughout his career Eric has developed a passion for helping small businesses and entrepreneurs. Eric states “there is no better professional feeling than knowing you played a part in helping someone fulfill their dreams of owning their own business.” Eric is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace College and holds and MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. In his spare time Eric enjoys raising his four boys, cooking, gardening and is an avid reader. ×
David Miller
Director of Development
David is a community activist who fights daily for the rights of those that are marginalized and left on the fringes of society. He is an inspirational speaker at heart. In 2014, David took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur by starting the David Miller Group (DMG). Not long after in 2015, he launched an after-school center for youth in Ashtabula County called the One Step Center. One Step Center provides after-school recreation, study tables, academic programming, training, mentorship opportunities and FOOD to Conneaut area youth. In 2016, David took on a position as the Director of Development at the NEO Fund in Ashtabula City. His responsibility was to work with Start-up businesses to provide developmental strategies and financial support through Micro-lending.

Currently, David is the Director of Client Development and Education for the Central Kitchen. His role includes working with and onboarding food business clients. David is also the lead Facilitator for the Craft Food Classroom courses online. David enjoys spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys cooking, and inspiring others to be the greatest version of themselves. ×
Jenny Kelley
Marketing Director
After nearly 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, immersing in small businesses and working with corporations and nonprofits alike; Jenny has sharpened her design thinking and creative problem-solving skills to a fine point. Her resourcefulness shines brightest while leading goal-focused projects — providing effective and efficient use of time, capital, and materials. Systems thinking helps Jenny keep social and environmental impacts interconnected with the bottom line for truly sustainable solutions.

In her role as Marketing Director for Central Kitchen, Jenny leverages her 10+ years of experience marketing in the local food space to help tell the stories of both Central Kitchen and it’s many members. She is responsible for all internal and external communications as well as stakeholder engagement.
At home in Lakewood, Jenny enjoys spending time with family and friends—especially her son, Jax, and dog, Ember. In true foodie fashion, Jenny’s favorite activities are gardening and dining at one of the area’s fabulous restaurants! ×
Zac Rheinberger
Chief Operations Officer
Zac Rheinberger co-founded the GoodnRaw company which provided healthy snacks from locally sourced items within the region of the production facility in Cleveland Ohio. Upon the sale of the company in 2008 the GoodnRaw was in national distribution at several hundred locations and sourcing 20,000 lbs. of Ohio grown Agg items for its lines of Kale chips, buckwheat granolas and cold pressed fruit and nut bars monthly four to six months a year. Taking lessons learned in locally sourcing for scaled up production Zac has been working with local value added producers( Peaceful Fruits, Randys Pickles, 24Zen Granola, Mustard Seed Markets, Fresh Fork Markets, Shagbark, etc), urban and rural farm systems(Countryside Conservancy, Cleveland Crops, Refugee Response, Lets Grow Akron, Amish Grower Collaboratives, Produce Auctions ect) local food hubs (Oberlin Food Hub, Local Roots Wooster, Stark Fresh, Sanson Co., Etc.) to connect Value added producers with local and regional supply chains to help support, stabilize and grow our local food system.

In 2019, we helped connect over a dozen companies (Central Kitchen, Popes, Randys, Cleveland Kraut, Killik, Mindful Market, Perogi Pantry, Wake Robin, Etc.) with locally and regionally grown products for their value-added production. Averaging about 2500 lbs a week and ranging items from Honey and Maple Syrup to Oats , Black Beans, Lavender, elderberries, cucumbers, sunflower oil and vinegar. All of this helps to create a stable inclusive chain that’s increases use of arable land Farmers have as well a stable supply chain for “seconds” and typically reduces food waste. Zac is currently also working with Case Western Reserve on a healthy food initiative for corner stores in Cleveland while on the advisory boards for Summit County Food Policy Coalition and Rust Belt riders. ×
Barry Jarvis
Managing Partner | Central Kitchen Media
Barry Jarvis is a video producer, publisher, scientist, and chef. All four of his grandparents had an active role in working the land and honoring seasonal eating's natural rhythm. Those lessons fueled his life passions to become an Environmental Scientist and later a classically-trained chef. After 15 years in the environmental field, Barry decided working in food media would more profoundly impact human and ecological well-being. For the last ten years, he has worked on food technology projects, edible Tulsa, and video production in Oklahoma. Barry is thrilled to be joining Central Kitchen, back on his home soil in Ohio. He holds degrees in Botany with Environmental Science and Culinary Arts. His favorite pastime is cooking with his three little chefs Carter, Grant, and Jack. ×

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