How Eric Diamond & Central Kitchen are Making Cleveland into a Craft Food Mecca

Honeycomb Credit | George Cook | April 26, 2019

We recently sat down to chat with Eric Diamond, Partner and COO of Central Kitchen in Cleveland. Eric is using his twenty years of banking, lending and community development experience to turn Cleveland and Central Kitchen (formerly Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen) into the region’s premier craft food cluster, one entrepreneur at a time. Central Kitchen and Honeycomb Credit partnered earlier this year to bring crowd-financing to the Northeast Ohio market!

Eric introduced the Honeycomb team to Clark Pope, the owner of Pope’s Kitchen—an artisanal sauce and cocktail mix business based in Cleveland. Pope’s Kitchen ran a Honeycomb campaign and raised $50,010 from 28 community investors to refinance high-interest debt and fund their national expansion.

Let’s hear from Eric about Central Kitchen and how they provide entrepreneurs like Clark the tools they need to scale their businesses and improve their communities!

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