Become an Incubator Kitchen Member

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If you’re ready to take your business to the next level at the Incubator, our shared-use commercial kitchen, here’s the info you need to know and the steps you need to take to move forward!


Incubator Kitchen Member Rental Rates

  • Hourly Membership Rates
    • 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. | $20/hour (peak hours)
    • 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. | $15/hour
  • Monthly Growth Membership Rate | $1,450/month (set schedule of hours), available for use 24/7
  • Nighttime Growth Membership Rate | $1,000/month (set schedule of hours), available for use 6pm-6am
  • Large Equipment | Additional $5/hour (see equipment list at bottom of page)
  • Storage | Shelf size is roughly 2’deep 4′ wide and 2′ high
    • Dry Storage | $22/shelf/month
    • Cooler | $27.50/shelf/month
    • Freezer | $33/shelf/month
  • Need your own custom space or want us to make your product for you? Find out more.


Becoming an Incubator Kitchen Member Checklist

  1. TOUR | Take our virtual tour
  2. APPLICATION | Fill out an application 
    • The application fee is $75.00
    • We’ll contact you with any questions and let you know within a week if your application has been accepted
  3. INSURANCE | Acquire and Submit Food Liability Insurance
    • You may select the agent and carrier of your choice, though we recommended FLIP Insurance
    • Members are required to carry a General Liability and Product Liability insurance policy
    • Members must carry at least a $1 million dollar incident and $2 million aggregate policy
    • The policy must name Central Kitchen Incubator as an “Additional Insured Party”
      • Use the coupon code ‘CENTRALKITCHEN10’ to be granted a $10 discount off of your policy
    • Submit your Certificate of Insurance via email to
  4. SERVSAFE | Acquire and Submit ServSafe License
    • OR food handler’s license for a Person in Charge (POC)
    • Cost is $15 for online module and certification
    • Submit your License via email to
  5. PRODUCT QUESTIONNAIRE | Complete and Submit Questionnaire
  6. ORIENTATION | Schedule a meeting with the Kitchen Manager
    • Once your application is approved and your Certificate of Insurance, ServSafe License, and Product Questionnaire(s)  are submitted, you can schedule your orientation meeting during which you will:
      • Review your questions about the New Member Packet  (please review packet in advance)
      • Sign Membership Agreement (included in packet) and the CCLK Member Health Reporting Policy
      • Pay $140 security deposit (via check or card)
        •  $99 quarterly membership fees will be assessed in January, April, July, and October at the start of the month (via check or card)
      • Review product/s and ingredients (if applicable) as well as to whom and how you plan to sell your product or service
      • Walk through Incubator Kitchen
      • Schedule a follow-up meeting if needed (first booking, other requested info, any licensing next steps, etc.)
      • Please note: 24 hours’ notice is required for orientation cancellations. No-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be assessed a $25 fee.
  7. KITCHEN USE | Set Up Food Corridor Account
    • This is our scheduling and billing system for the kitchen
    • The process takes a few days, so please anticipate a week for set up before you plan on scheduling time in the kitchen


Incubator Kitchen Specialty Equipment List

  • Ice machine
  • 20 Quart orbital tabletop mixer
  • 40 & 60 Quart orbital floor mixers
  • 4 Commercial dehydrators
  • 2 R602 Robot Coupe with mixing bowl & slice/dice attachments
  • Buffalo chopper
  • Multiple immersion blenders
  • 2 Vita Prep Vitamixes
  • 1 Vitamix XL
  • 2 Vitamix Drink Machines
  • Proofer warming oven
  • 4 Convection ovens
  • 1 Stock pot range
  • 1 – 4 Burner production range with conduction oven
  • Tilt skillet
  • 20 & 60 gallon steam jacketed kettles
  • 2 Flame broilers
  • 1 Steam oven
  • 1 Cupping machine
  • 1 Volumetric piston filler
  • 1 15 gallon Thunderbird mixer
  • 1 Stone bread over
  • Labeling machine
  • Heat tunnel
  • Ice cream maker


Additional Pricing

  • Craft Food Classroom
    • In-person 6 week food business course| Next Cohort starts September 22, 2023 | Contact to register | $450
    • Online 5 module food business course | See details | $350
    • Online subject specific food business classes | $50-$75 each
  • Food Hub Membership | Co-packing, kitchen pods, warehousing, retail and office space | See details
  • Consulting Services | See details | $300/mo for 5 hours or $75/hr
    • 1 hour included in Hourly Incubator Membership
    • 3 hours included in Monthly Growth Membership
    • 3 hours one-time for Craft Food Classroom course students
  • Nutrition Panels | $100 per SKU
  • Branding & Marketing  | Custom quote