Ready to Join a Business Incubator? 4 Tips from Foodpreneurs Like You

How A Food Business Incubator Gives You Resources & Support

Many of today’s most successful businesses began in a similar place: a business incubator. Designed specifically for new- and early-stage entrepreneurs, an incubator offers the mentorship, education and resources you need to overcome the challenges associated with starting a new business. Best of all, there are business incubator programs that offer specialized support for food entrepreneurs like you.

If you’re thinking about joining a business or kitchen incubator, here’s some extra motivation and inspiration straight from fellow foodpreneurs.

4 Reasons to Join a Food Business Incubator

1. Join a like-minded community

“When you join a business incubator, everyone there is starting and growing a business. You build relationships and an understanding that you are not alone. And that’s very comforting from an emotional and mental health standpoint. There are many other people in the same boat, rowing in the same direction as you.” – Clark Pope, Founder & Owner of Pope’s Kitchen

2. Get a reality check
“I learned that while you have to believe in yourself, you also have to be real with yourself. Just because you think you have the best product doesn’t mean that you do – and you’ll get a lot of real, honest advice from your peers. You have to be willing to open your ears and listen to what others tell you. When you learn how to be flexible and pivot, that’s when you find success.”  – Pam McClain Founder of The Cleveland Caramel Corn Co.

3. Lean on experienced mentors

“In a business incubator, you get access to so many entrepreneurs and food industry experts who’ve walked in your exact shoes before. They know the ins and outs of starting a craft food business and will help you avoid common mistakes or roadblocks.” – Eric Diamond, CEO of Central Kitchen

4. Believe in yourself

“When you start a new business, the journey is filled with ups and downs. But with the right guidance and tools behind you, you’ll not only learn to trust your food idea. You’ll learn to trust yourself. And that’s the difference between failure and success in this industry – and life.” – David Miller, Director of Development, Central Kitchen

Join Our Business Incubator for Foodpreneurs

With the right business incubator- one that offers specialized support for food entrepreneurs – you put yourself in a position to succeed in this industry. Take the next step: learn more about the Central Kitchen Craft Food Classroom and find out how you can sign up for the upcoming session! [link to Courses page]

About The Craft Food Classroom from Central Kitchen

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