Angelo Tetorakis Gourmet Firehouse Salsa


Angelo Tetorakis


Fruit based salsas, Mango, Pineapple, Mandarin Orange and coming soon Peach. All varieties come in MILD, MEDIUM and HOT versions.

Year Founded


Where did you initially create your product?

As a career Fire/Medic I started the recipe at the Firehouse for the guys. 

Where can you find your product(s) today?

Throughout the year you can find me at several Farm markets in the Cleveland area and its suburbs. 

I am also found in many retail stores as well as online through my website.

What did you do in a former life?

I was a career Firefighter and Paramedic for 30 years in Avon Lake. I retired as a Captain in 2015.

What inspired your product(s)?

At the Firehouse, we always had a hot sauce or salsa on the table for many of the meals we cooked .

A fellow Captain had brought in a bushel of habaneros one day and asked me to come up with a salsa recipe that the crew might like. I knew that they all liked a mustard based mango salsa they purchased online from the Caribbean. That became my starting point. I tried many combinations using Mangos and fruit blends. Finally, a fruit based mango habanero salsa emerged.

How has Central Kitchen helped your business? 

About a year after I retired, my wife found an article in Edible Cleveland about an incubator class for start up food business. I took the Craft Food Classroom provided by The Central Kitchen. With their encouragement and the tools necessary to pursue my food business, Gourmet Firehouse Salsa was started.

Which Central Kitchen services were used:

From the onset of production, I rented the kitchen to start my cooking and canning of the Salsa. As demand for my salsas increased, I requested  Central Kitchen’s help in co-packing to meet the increased demand. 

Another service they provide is a vast network of resources essential for any business growth.

Goals for the future:

For the past 3 years, I’ve been busy with branding, label and website designs, retail and online sales along with local farm markets and special events. Gourmet Firehouse Salsas are all fruit based, GF, all natural ingredients and have no preservatives. A large portion of my customers are cooking with my salsas. From grilled salmon to sausage hoagies. My goals going forward would be to introduce my line to the restaurant industry. Wouldn’t a Mango and goat cheese stuffed pork chop sound good! 


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