Michael Killik Killik Hot Sauce Co.


Michael Killik


Killik Hot Sauces, mild medium and hot fermented pepper sauces

Year Founded


Where did you initially create your product? What inspired it?

Working after hours at some of Cleveland‘s finest independent restaurants!

Six years ago my father and I had heart attacks a week apart! I survived and he didn’t, so I had to make some changes to my diet and lowering my sodium was one of them. So I started experimenting with fermentation and came up with this wonderful low sodium (1%) hot sauce!

Where can you find your product(s) today?

We are in about 40 stores in the greater Cleveland area! Go to KILLIKHSC.com to see the list of locations or to order online!

What did you do in a former life?

Besides being a United States Air Force veteran, I am a veteran of Cleveland’s independent restaurant scene. Before that I was a six grade science teacher in Cleveland!

How has Central Kitchen helped your business? 

The Craft Food Classroom was invaluable to me in starting to learn how to bring your product to market and financing!


Which Central Kitchen services were used?

The incubator class, shared kitchen space, storage, and the COO’s sage advice!

Goals for the future:

After surviving 2020 our company goals are to expand into big box stores and continue to grow our Fanbase!


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